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Hoops - 14k Solid Yellow Gold Custom made

Hoops - 14k Solid Yellow Gold Custom made

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These hoops with post come in two sizes:

Large - 2 and 1/4 inch diameter and Medium - 1 5/8" diameter.


We are also offering an XXXL size – 3” diameter made from 12 gauge wire.


These hoop circle earrings are custom handmade in U.S.A. by Mark Ehrmann Jewelry Designs. Fashioned in the classic style of handwrought fabrication we have added this collection to our ME Jewelry line.


These Hoop earrings are hand forged flat then finished with a ball peen hammered for texture. These bracelet edges are hand ground for a smooth transition line. They are polished for high reflectance. 


Made with 14-gauge Solid 14k Yellow Gold Wire. The handmade posts are 19-gauge Solid 14k yellow gold, soldered to the ends with 14k solid yellow gold solder.


Solid 14k Gold wire nuts hold these hoop earrings snugly in place.


High polished for high reflectance. 


Women of all ages enjoy our popular earrings.

They can be worn every day, to match any outfit for any occasion.

Easy to put on and take off. Easy to shine with a jewelry buffing cloth.


Delivery Time -

Delivery time for your order - Each of your pieces are custom made. Shipping of your hand-crafted jewelry is 7 to 14 days from your order date.  We will acknowledge receipt of your order, and notify you that your order is being shipped.  Thank you for supporting MEJewelry Designs.


H14G14kG-M – Solid 14k Gold-Medium Hoops 1 5/8 inch diameter Hoop Earrings in 14 Gauge Wire with 19 gauge ear wire


H14G14kG-L - Solid 14k Gold -Large Hoops 2 1/4 inch diameter Hoop Earrings in 14 Gauge Wire with 19 gauge ear wire


H14G14kG-XXXL - Solid 14k Gold -Large Hoops 3 inch diameter Hoop Earrings in 12 Gauge Wire with 19 gauge ear wire


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