About us

The benefit of hindsight is that one acquires a perspective based on real life experience. I remember yearning to have my own business, yet was unaware of how to develop a plan, support my dream and to protect myself in the business environment. To be one’s own boss, to call the shots and to make the decisions was very appealing to me. To accept all the responsibility has become a very rewarding experience.

I apprenticed as a silver and goldsmith under John and Susan Pearsall of New Hampshire. My agreement was to work as hard as I could and learn as much as I could. From 1981 to 1984 I became the principal goldsmith and silversmith for John and Susan. I was their production jewelry artisan, manager and shared the responsibility of running their small hand wrought jewelry business, attending both retail and wholesale shows in the Mid-West and throughout the East coast.

The hand wrought techniques I learned, have been used by silversmiths, and goldsmiths for centuries. Using an anvil, hammers, torch and hand tools, this jewelry is designed, and hand fabricated to make simple patterns that are classic designs and can be worn by women of all ages with any attire you choose.

I started my own jewelry business in 1984. In Wisconsin, I sold to students, faculty and family on the mall at the University of Wisconsin. I moved back to California and traveled to retail craft shows in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas selling my handcrafted line of jewelry.  I developed a line that was uniquely different from all the other jewelers in the USA. The Wrap and Vine jewelry line was my main brand for 30 years. I have sold it to over 300 store owners in the USA, retail catalogs and a TV shopping network, also to stores in Japan and Canada as well. One of my greatest joys was developing the long-lasting relationships with those who owned the stores and mail order catalogs. These people taught me a lot about how to service my customers, how to form partnerships that financially benefitted all of us.

Times have changed.

In the tradition of self-made artisans/craftsmen throughout the United States, I too enjoy product development, design, construction and production of each piece of jewelry. This MEjewelry line is now being offered on Shopify.com.

I have created this MEjewelry line of jewelry with you specifically in mind, using the classic handwrought techniques I learned from John and Susan. For the past 10 years I have successfully sold this line to stores. It is now time to expand my family to those who choose to follow and collect my work. My hope is that you, your family and friends will become collectors of my work. My jewelry will be noticed on you, by colleagues, family and friends.

I am excited to create this web site so that I may present collections of my work to you. For my first offering, I decided to focus my attention on the most basic, classic and very popular handmade, handwrought jewelry designs. I hand fashion each pair of earrings, and bracelets for you. This process is invigorating and challenging. I look forward to developing new collections for you.

Our workmanship is fully guaranteed “Craftsman Quality”. This standard is what built our successful handmade jewelry business. We stand behind all the handmade jewelry that we produce for you.


Mark Ehrmann