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We will replace it with a PAIR for FREE! Stones that are not Cubic Zirconia, we will charge.
(Solid Gold you must pay for the material and labor)
Guaranteed workmanship.


Wrap with 1 Stone


The Wrap Earrings - Sold as a pair

  the wrap earrings™
3- Freshwater Pearls


W-6 - The Wrap ear cuff earrings™ with 3 Freshwater Pearls are a stunning pair of Ear Wraps to wear. You may combine it with VN-20 or VN-s20 short version for a beautiful pairing. The Wrap Earrings concept is lightweight, graceful, simple yet classically elegant jewelry. Our Ear Wrap creates a graceful line of metal and freshwater pearl cascading down your ear for that classic touch of magical awe that surrounds the essence of pearls. This pair of Wrap Earrings reveals your sophisticated sense of fashion that will draw people's attention to you. These Wrap Earrings can also be worn to cover one's pierced hole.

Please select your choice of metal from the METAL TAB: Sterling Silver, *14k Yellow Gold-Vermeil or **Solid 14k Gold. 

Then select the Freshwater Pearl of your choice: PEARL TAB: White or Black.

IF you want a stone set above each pearl Then select the stone of your choice: STONE TAB: Faux diamond (cz-clear), cz/black, cz/emerald, cz/pink ice, cz/ruby, cz/sapphire or a cz/tanzanite. Semi-precious 4mm amethyst, blue topaz, garnet, honey citrine, or peridot.

In Solid 14k Gold only, we offer AAA Quality stones: Emerald, Ruby and Blue Sapphire and Diamond (VS) in solid 14k gold designs.

(*Vermeil is  Solid Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold 10ml electroplate)

(**Solid 14k gold jewelry is based on $450.00 - 24K Gold Market and will vary daily)




  Combine The Wrap Ear Cuff with our Vine frenchback earrings to create a graceful cascading look of elegance    

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater and salt water pearls may sometimes look quite similar, but they come from different sources. Freshwater pearls form in various species of freshwater mussels, family Unionidae, which live in lakes, rivers, ponds and other bodies of fresh water. These freshwater pearl mussels occur not only in hotter climates, but also in colder more temperature areas such as Scotland (where they are totally protected by the law). see freshwater pearl mussell. However, most freshwater cultured pearls sold today com from China.

Development of pearll farming

Today, the cultured pearls on the market can be divided into two categories. The first category covers the beaded cultured pearls, including Akoya, South Sea and Tahiti. These pearls are gonad grown, and usually one pearl is grown at a time. This limits the number of pearls at a harvest period. The pearls are usually harvested after one year for akoya, 2–4 years for Tahitian and South Sea, and 2–7 years for freshwater. This perliculture process was first developed by the British biologist [[William Saville-Kent]] who passed the information along to Tatsuhei Mise and Tokichi Nishikawa from [[Japan]].
The second category includes the non-beaded freshwater cultured pearls, like the Biwa or Chinese pearls. As they grow in the mantle, where on each wing up to 25 grafts can be implanted, these pearls are much more frequent and saturate the market completely. An impressive improvement in quality has taken place in the last ten years when the former rice grain-shaped pebbles are compared with the near round pearls of today. In the last two years large near perfect round bead nucleated pearls up to 15mm in diameter have been produced with metallic lustre.



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