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Wrap with Leaf and Flower


the wrap earrings™
with Leaf and Flower

W25 The Wrap ear cuff earring with leaf amd flower is an elegant earring and when wonr by you will bring many compliments to you.  We carefully worked the wax to make it possible to show the detail of the veins in the petals of the leaf and flower. It is a classic pair of wraps that is sure to call attention to you. 

Available in sterling silver, 14k Gold Vermeil and Solid 14k gold.
You can combine these with Vine with three flowers (Vn-37 long or short) for a beautiful pairing.

Wrap Earrings Sold as a pair

W25S Sterling Silver Wrap Earring with Leaf and Flower


W25V Gold Vermeil* Wrap Earring with Leaf and Flower


W25G Solid 14K Gold Wrap Earring with Leaf and Flower


(14k gold pieces are based on $300.00 Gold Market and will vary daily).
* Solid Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold 10ml electroplate
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the material and labor)

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